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Hall Effect sensors How to make a better joystick

2023-06 Sensors 3M Touch Systems
[Jun 7 2023] When operating industrial machinery, precision and accuracy are essential for an efficient and safe working environment. Typically, joysticks are used to help maneuver heavy equipment in a variety of industries, including construction and agriculture. They play an invaluable role in the ease of use and overall performance of the machine. By maximizing joystick reliability, businesses can reduce d ...
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High reliability, high precision and low power consumption of temperature and humidity sensors

2023-06 Sensors Nuvoton Technology
[Jun 7 2023] Novosense has announced the launch of the CMOS-MEMs-based relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensor NSHT30. The NSHT30 integrates a complete sensor system on a single chip, including capacitive relative humidity sensor, COMS temperature sensor and signal processor, and I2C digital communication interface in DFN and LGA packages of 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 0.9mm. The communication mode of its I2C inter ...
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How can sensors and processors create smarter, more autonomous robots?

2023-06 Sensors Texas Instruments
[Jun 7 2023] Autonomous robots are intelligent machines that understand their environment and navigate from it without human control or intervention. Although autonomous robotics is relatively new, it is already widely used in factories, warehouses, cities and homes. For example, autonomous robots could be used to transport goods around warehouses, or perform last-mile deliveries, while other types of robots ...
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Nexperia's 50µA Zener diode products extend battery life and save PCB space

2023-06 Power Nexperia
[Jun 6 2023] Nexperia, a specialist in high-capacity production of basic semiconductor components, introduces a full range of low-current voltage regulators. The 50µA Zener diode family is available in three different SMD package options in an ultra-small discrete flat pin-less (DFN) package and AEC-Q101 compliant device, giving customers more choice and flexibility. These high-efficiency diodes operate with ...
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Verizon 45 W USB-PD Fast charger Infineon EZ-PD™ PAG1 AC-DC power solution

2023-06 Power Infineon Technologies
[Jun 6 2023] Infineon Technologies announced the successful commercial availability of its EZ-PD™ PAG1 AC-DC power solution on Verizon USB-PD fast charger. The new Verizon charger, made by Xentris Wireless, can quickly charge mobile devices and provide up to 45 W of output power to compatible devices for ultra-fast charging. EZ-PD PAG1 is a dual-chip AC-DC power solution with integrated USB-PD capabilities to ...
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The Motor Control Embedded Processing product portfolio expands with more than 35 new MCUS

2023-06 Semiconductors Renesas Electronics America
[Jun 5 2023] Renesas Electronics has released three new motor control MCU units. The company is introducing more than 35 new products, including the RX and RA family of devices. The new MCU adds a motor control product portfolio that includes multiple MCU and MPU families, analog and power solutions, sensors, communications devices, signal regulators and more. The company is rolling out two new MCU groups for ...
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Renesas Electronics completes Panthronics acquisition

2023-06 Semiconductors Renesas Electronics America
[Jun 5 2023] Renesas Electronics, a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the successful completion of the acquisition of Panthronics AG, a fabless semiconductor company focused on high performance wireless products, on June 2, 2023 JST and June 1, 2023 CST, subject to the receipt of the necessary regulatory approvals. Renesas also announced 13 "Portfolio of Successful product" solution ...
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NXP Semiconductors introduces the i.MX 91 family of application processors

2023-06 Semiconductors NXP
[Jun 5 2023] NXP Semiconductors Inc. introduces the i.MX 91 family of application processors. Based on more than two decades of experience developing multi-market application processors, the family offers an optimized combination of security, functionality and energy saving performance for next-generation Linux-based iot and industrial applications. Emerging agreements, such as Matter or the ISO 15118-20 stan ...
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A Connected Development XCVR board that makes wireless iot design easier

2023-06 Connectors Connect One LTD.
[Jun 3 2023] Connected Development of XCVR development board and reference design. Based on Semtech LoRa SX126x Sub-GHz transceivers, the product simplifies the design process for wireless iot solutions in areas such as building management, smart agriculture, supply chain, logistics and industrial control, allowing customers to bring their products to market faster. Connected Development provides a comprehens ...
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Renesas Electronics plans to achieve mass production of SIC power devices in 2025

2023-06 Semiconductors Renesas Electronics America
[Jun 2 2023] Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics has announced that it will start producing next-generation power semiconductors using silicon carbide (SiC) to reduce losses in 2025, foreign media reported. The plant in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, which currently produces silicon-based power semiconductors, will be mass-produced, but the exact amount of investment and the scale of production have ...
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Intel also emphasizes AI! Meteor Lake series processors will be imported into the VPU design

2023-06 Power Intel
[Jun 2 2023] While Computex2023 emphasized the theme of artificial intelligence (AI), the new products launched by various manufacturers also focused on AI. intel (INTC), the processor giant, isn't showing its wares in 2023. However, at the same time, it also announced that its code Meteor Lake series of processors will be imported into AI applications, and there will be a new design of the VPU core, which at ...
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Infineon Technologies has introduced the CALYPSO move secure memory

2023-06 Power Infineon Technologies
[Jun 1 2023] As cities grow, public transport operators must cope with the challenges of increasing passenger numbers, especially during major events such as football matches and the Olympics. This combination of a growing demand for sustainability and convenience is driving the rapid growth of the e-ticketing and smart transportation markets. This transformation requires open standards that allow transparenc ...