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ams and Osram at Prolight + Sound 2022 with advanced entertainment lighting solutions

2022-09 Power ams
[Sep 9 2022] Ams and Osram, the world's leading optical solutions provider, recently exhibited at Prolight + Sound 2022 at the Messe Frankfurt, Germany, showcasing a wide range of advanced entertainment lighting solutions for theater theaters, stage shows and celebrations. Highlight products include the newly upgraded star product SIRIUS full range of light sources (professional, classic and premium) for smal ...
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Littelfuse Introduces New 828 Series High Voltage Tubular Fuses

2022-08 Sensors Littelfuse
[Aug 20 2022] Littelfuse Corporation announces the launch of the new 828 Series High Voltage Tubular Fuses, which have been specifically designed and tested to meet the circuit protection needs of compact automotive electronics, especially electric vehicle (EV) applications. These reliable fuses are qualified to Littelfuse internal AEC-Q200 with a high breaking rating (10 KA @ 1,000 Vdc) and are ideal for on-b ...
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Texas Instruments CC2652RSIP SimpleLink™ Multiprotocol Wireless SiP Module

2022-08 Power Texas Instruments
[Aug 17 2022] Texas Instruments' SimpleLink CC2652RSIP is a multi-protocol 2.4 GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) that is a System-in-Package (SiP) module that supports Thread, Zigbee®, Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy (BLE), IEEE 802.15.4, Enabled Smart Objects for IPv6 (6LoWPAN), proprietary system including TI's 15.4 protocol stack (2.4 GHz), and concurrent multiprotocol via Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) dri ...
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Black Sesame Smart Huashan No. 2 A1000 series chip passed AEC-Q100 certification

2022-08 Connectors B&K Precision
[Aug 16 2022] Black Sesame Intelligence, the global leader in autonomous driving computing chips, announced that its Huashan No. 2 A1000 series autonomous driving computing chips have passed the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certification. Previously, Black Sesame Smart has passed ASPICE CL2 vehicle-level software certification, ISO 26262:2018 ASIL D functional safety process certification and ISO26262 functional safety pr ...
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Sensirion Introduces Fourth Generation High Accuracy Advanced Digital Temperature Sensor STS4x Series

2022-08 Semiconductors STMicroelectronics
[Aug 16 2022] Sensirion introduces the fourth generation of the STS4x series of high precision advanced digital temperature sensors. This fully digital temperature sensor has a very high cost performance and has a variety of accuracy specifications to choose from, among which the STS40 is the current main model. Based on Sensirion CMOSens® technology, the STS4x integrates various high-tech sensor components, c ...
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Vishay Introduces PowerPAK 60V and 80V N-Channel MOSFETs in 8x8L Packages

2022-08 Semiconductors Vishay
[Aug 12 2022] Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the launch of two n-channel TrenchFET MOSFETs, the 60 V SiJH600E and 80 V SiJH800E, to improve power density, energy efficiency and board-level reliability for communications and industrial applications. To achieve design goals, the 60 V SiJH600E and 80 V SiJH800E feature ultra-low on-resistance, +175 C operating temperature and high continuous drain current ...
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Toshiba launches TMPM4K development board for motor control

2022-07 Semiconductors Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
[Jul 21 2022] Toshiba M4K MCU dedicated MIKROE Clicker 4 development board combined with Clicker 4 inverter expansion board is a cost-effective and simple solution for experimenting BLDC motor control scenarios. Clicker 4 for TMPM4K comes with an onboard debugger, no external debugger is required. Its four mikroBUS™ sockets can be connected to many different MIKROE Click boards™, so it can be expanded for more ...
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SCHOTT assists the European Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) to provide the 500th sub-mirror for the M1 primary mirror

2022-07 Semiconductors Schott
[Jul 21 2022] • SCHOTT actively participated in the European Southern Observatory's Extremely Large Telescope project in Chile and successfully produced the 500th sub-mirror for its M1 primary mirror. • SCHOTT mass-produces ZERO® glass-ceramic mirror substrates to meet the highest surface quality requirements of the European Southern Observatory. • Specialty glass maker SCHOTT is producing 949 hexagonal sub-mi ...
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Mouser Electronics and ATP Electronics Sign Global Distribution Agreement

2022-07 Semiconductors ATOP Technologies
[Jul 21 2022] Mouser Electronics, an authorized global distributor of semiconductor and electronic components focused on new product introductions, announced that it has entered into a global distribution agreement with ATP Electronics. ATP Electronics is a well-known provider of professional storage and memory solutions. Under the agreement, Mouser will distribute ATP Electronics' memory cards, SSDs and manag ...
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Analog Devices Introduces Complete Long-Range Ethernet Solution for Digitalization of Building Automation Networks Embedded Designs

2022-07 Power Analog Devices
[Jul 21 2022] Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduces a complete 10BASE-T1L Ethernet solution for building automation networks. With the help of networked digital automation equipment, total building management from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to living comfort can be achieved. The new product, ADIN2111, adds long-distance Ethernet connectivity to controllers, sensors and actuators, enabling more e ...
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TDK Introduces Y2 Film Capacitors for High Temperature Applications

2022-07 Semiconductors TDK
[Jul 19 2022] The TDK Group has launched the new B3202*H/J series EPCOS MKP-Y2 film capacitors for interference suppression applications. The B3202*H/J series has a maximum operating temperature of 125°C compared to conventional models with a maximum operating temperature of 110°C. The new series has a capacitance range of 1nF to 1µF, a maximum voltage rating of 300V AC, and can maintain stable capacitance und ...
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Diodes Incorporated Introduces High Efficiency Class D Stereo Audio Amplifier to Save Battery Power While Delivering Great Sound

2022-07 Connectors Diodes Incorporated
[Jul 3 2022] Diodes Incorporated introduces the PAM8965 Class-D Stereo Audio Power Amplifier with Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter. Diodes is targeting AI-enabled speaker systems and portable musical instruments to launch this high-efficiency device, where higher output power, longer battery life, and compact size are key requirements for these systems and instrument Operating from 2.8V to 8.5V, the PAM ...