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STMicroelectronics announces remote wireless microcontroller

2023-12 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[Dec 4 2023] STMicroelectronics has announced a new microcontroller (MCU) that combines wireless chip design expertise with a high-performance, energy-efficient STM32 system architecture. New energy-saving features extend the battery life of this wireless MCU to more than 15 years. In remote applications, including energy metering, monitoring devices, alarm systems, actuators, and sensors for smart buildings, ...
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Micron is the first to provide industry partners with high-rate, low-latency 128GB high-capacity RDIMM memory

2023-12 Power Micron Technology Inc.
[Dec 4 2023] Micron Technology announces industry-leading 128GB DDR5 RDIMM memory based on 32Gb single chip with best-in-class performance up to 8,000 MT/s [[1]] to support current and future data center workloads. This high-capacity, high-rate memory module addresses the performance and data processing needs of a wide range of mission-critical applications in data centers and cloud environments, such as arti ...
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Renesas introduces 32-bit RX MCUS with high-speed, high-precision analog front ends for high-end industrial sensor systems

2023-12 Sensors Renesas Electronics America
[Dec 1 2023] Renesas Electronics announced the introduction of a new RX product, the RX23E-B, for high-end industrial sensor systems, expanding its 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) product line. A member of the popular RX product family, the new product features a high-precision analog front end (AFE) designed for systems that require fast, accurate analog signal measurement. The new MCU integrates A 24-bit Delta ...
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TDK introduces noise suppression filters for audio lines of high sound quality devices

2023-12 Connectors TDK
[Dec 1 2023] TDK Corporation has introduced the latest MAF1005FR series of small noise suppression filters with dimensions of only 1.0 mm (L) x 0.5 mm (W) x 0.5 mm (H). The series of laminated patch components are designed to improve audio line (sound transmission line) sound quality and reduce noise interference in other devices such as smartphones and tablets, wearables and portable game consoles, and will ...
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TDK presents a sample kit of the ERU 33 series compact high-current inductors

2023-11 Sensors TDK
[Nov 30 2023] TDK Corporation has introduced a sample kit of the B82559A*A033 series of shielded EPCOS ERU 33 high current inductors. The sample kit (ordering code: B82559X033) covers six standard models in the range (two samples for each model). In addition to the standard models included in the sample kit, we can also customize samples for other inductor types with other inductance values. These through-hole ...
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Infineon introduces the new separable 650V TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 H7 for energy efficient power applications

2023-11 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[Nov 30 2023] Infineon Technologies further expands its TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 product lineup with the launch of the separable 650V IGBT7 H7. The new device is equipped with a new generation of emitter-controlled EC7 continuation diodes to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly and efficient power solutions. TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 The TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 H7 uses the latest micro-grooved gate technology for exce ...
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Littelfuse introduces optically isolated photovoltaic drivers that provide floating power for isolated switch applications

2023-11 Connectors Littelfuse
[Nov 29 2023] Littelfuse Corporation is an industrial technology manufacturing company dedicated to powering a sustainable, connected and safer world. The company announced the launch of FDA117 photoisolated photovoltaic drives. This innovative product generates a floating power supply and is an excellent choice for isolating switch applications in a wide range of industries. The FDA117 comes in a 4-pin DIP th ...
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X-FAB introduces a new generation of enhanced performance SPAD devices for near-infrared applications

2023-11 Power XMOS
[Nov 29 2023] X-FAB Silicon Foundries , a globally recognized analog/mixed-signal foundry of excellence, announced the launch of a dedicated near-infrared version of the single-photon avalanche Diode (SPAD) device portfolio. Keeping pace with the previous generation of SPAD released in 2021, the new version is also the XH018 platform based on the X-FAB 180-nanometer process. Thanks to the additional process fl ...
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Melexis introduces inductive sensor chips with outstanding accuracy

2023-11 Sensors Melexis Technologies NV
[Nov 28 2023] Melexis has announced the introduction of the MLX90513, an inductive sensor chip with outstanding precision, designed for automotive pedal and steering applications. Thanks to the MLX90513, this superior performance is no longer limited to a few applications. This sensor interface chip is ASIL C rated and features on-chip digital signal processing for enhanced zero-latency performance. The MLX905 ...
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OmniVision introduces a new OVMed image signal processor for medical endoscopic cameras up to 2 megapixels

2023-11 Sensors OmniVision Technologies Inc
[Nov 28 2023] OmniVision, one of the world's leading developers of semiconductor solutions for advanced digital imaging, analog, touch and display technologies, has announced a new image signal processor (ISP), OVMed OH0131. It is an easy-to-implement endoscope ISP solution for repeatable and single-use endoscopes that can be used to connect to a handheld flat panel console or camera control unit (CCU). The pr ...
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Littelfuse introduces SMC Automotive grade 3kA SIDACtor for line protection of high surge current AC power supplies

2023-11 Power Littelfuse
[Nov 27 2023] Littelfuse Corporation, an industrial technology manufacturing company dedicated to powering A sustainable, connected and safer world, announced the launch of the new PXXX0SSN-A automotive grade 3kA SIDACtor® protected thyristor family in DO-214AB (SMC) packaging. This innovative product is designed to provide robust and reliable high surge current protection for equipment operating in harsh envi ...
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Infineon's single-chip solution for NFC passive locks enables KISS to take advantage of new smart lock solutions

2023-11 Power Infineon Technologies
[Nov 27 2023] Many industries are rapidly phasing out traditional keys, and the self-storage industry is also adapting to this trend. Us-based Keep It Simple Storage (KISS), a provider of advanced solutions to streamline the operation of self-storage facilities, has transitioned from manual locks to fully automated remote control safety lock systems. With Infineon Technologies AG's smart lock solution based on ...