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Diodes introduces USB 2.0 Signal regulator products

2024-05 Passive Components Diodes Incorporated
[May 6 2024] Diodes announced the launch of the PI5USB212 USB 2.0 signal regulator, which operates at power supply down to 2.3V. The PI5USB212 is designed for use in laptops, personal computers, docking stations, extension cords, TVS and monitors, and automatically detects USB 2.0 high-speed transfers. Signal integrity can also be maintained when the PCB line or data line is extended to 5 meters. The IC symme ...
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Vishay introduces ultra-thin automotive-grade IHDF edge-wound inductors with saturation currents up to 230 A

2024-04 Sensors Vishay
[Apr 29 2024] Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced the introduction of a new automotive grade IHDF edge-wound through hole inductor, the IHDF-1300AE-1A, with a rated current of 72A and a saturation current of up to 230A. Vishay Custom Magnetics IHDF-1300AE-1A uses ferrite core technology, is only 15.4 mm thick, can operate in -55 °C to +155 °C harsh temperature conditions, low AC and DC power consumption, ha ...
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Microchip introduces a new line of maXTouch touchscreen controllers

2024-04 Connectors Microchip Technology
[Apr 29 2024] With the increase of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, the necessary charging infrastructure must be expanded to meet the growing demand. Adding a credit card payment option to electric vehicle chargers has become standard practice in many countries and is mandatory in the European Union, where chargers must comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards. To help electric vehicle c ...
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Microchip introduces Integrated actuating power solutions

2024-04 Connectors Microchip Technology
[Apr 23 2024] Driven by the important goal of sustainability and emission reduction, the aviation industry needs advanced, efficient and low-emission aircraft. To achieve these goals, aero-power system developers are transitioning to electric actuation systems, driving the multi-electric aircraft (MEA) boom. In order to provide the aviation industry with a comprehensive range of electrical actuation solutions, ...
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Vishay launches MiniLED packaged high brightness small blue and pure green leds

2024-04 Optoelectronics Vishay
[Apr 23 2024] Vishay Intertechnology has announced the launch of new blue and pure green surface mount leds in the ultra-small MiniLED package -VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08. Vishay Semiconductors VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08 have dimensions of 2.2mm x 1.3mm x 1.4mm and use advanced ultra-bright InGaN chip technology. Typical luminous intensities of 440 mcd and 2300 mcd, respectively, are four t ...
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STMicroelectronics helped Panasonic Bike Technology bring artificial intelligence to electric bikes

2024-04 Connectors STMicroelectronics
[Apr 22 2024] Panasonic Bicycle Technology Co., LTD. (Panasonic) has announced the development of the TiMO A electric bicycle using the STM32F3 microcontroller (MCU) and edge artificial intelligence development tool STM32Cube.AI. St's Edge AI solution provides Panasonic with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that utilizes advanced AI capabilities to improve bike safety and convenience. Panasonic is one ...
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Renesas introduces the new FemtoClock™ 3 clock solution that combines ultra-low power consumption with superior 25fs-rms jitter performance

2024-04 Connectors Renesas Electronics America
[Apr 22 2024] Renesas Electronics is expanding its clock solutions portfolio with the introduction of FemtoClock™ 3, a new ultra-low 25fs-rms clock solution for wired infrastructure, data centers and industrial applications. The new family of 8 - and 12-way differential output ultra-low jitter clock generators and jitter attenuators enables high-performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective clock tree designs f ...
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ON Semiconductor introduces next-generation electrochemical sensor solutions for industrial, environmental and medical applications

2024-04 Sensors ON Semiconductor
[Apr 16 2024] Onsemi introduces CEM102, an advanced miniature analog front end (AFE) that enables ultra-precise electrochemical sensing at ultra-low currents. With its compact form factors and ultra-low power consumption in the industry, CEM102 enables engineers to develop compact, multi-purpose solutions for industrial, environmental and healthcare applications such as air and gas detection, food processing a ...
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ST's NFC data reader chips bring cost-effective embedded connectionless interaction to consumer and industrial devices

2024-04 Sensors STMicroelectronics
[Apr 16 2024] STMicroelectronics' ST25R100 Near Field Communication (NFC) reader chip is unique in the industry, combining advanced technical features, stable and reliable communication connections and low cost prices to enhance the value of contactless interaction in mass-manufactured consumer electronics and industrial control equipment. Measuring only 4mm x 4mm, the ST25R100 combines high performance, relia ...
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Microchip introduces the AVR DU series of USB microcontrollers that support enhanced code protection and power output up to 15W

2024-04 Connectors Microchip Technology
[Apr 11 2024] This family of products helps embedded designers easily implement USB capabilities in a wider range of systems. The advantages of Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces in embedded design include compatibility with various devices, simplified communication protocols, field update capabilities, and power supply capabilities. To help easily integrate this functionality into embedded systems, Microch ...
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Infineon partner Thistle Technologies combines Verified Boot with the Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust M

2024-04 Connectors Infineon Technologies
[Apr 11 2024] Infineon Technologies AG has announced that its OPTIGA™ Trust M security controller is now integrated with Thistle Technologies' Verified Boot technology. Thistle Technologie is a pioneer in advanced security solutions for connected devices. This integration makes it easy for designers to defend their devices against firmware tampering and protect the integrity of the software supply chain. The r ...
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How can highly integrated embedded processors drive the development of industrial robots

2024-04 Power Advanced Energy
[Apr 10 2024] With advances in semiconductor technology and the growing need for smarter, safer and more efficient systems, industrial robotics has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. At the heart of this transformation is the use of advanced embedded processors, which use a system-on-chip (SoC) architecture that integrates various components, including peripherals and hardware accelerators ...