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[Feb 4 2024] Passive ComponentsTDK Corporation has recently introduced two new series of SMD varistors. The new family of components have a wide operating voltage range of 175 VRMS to 460 VRMS (corresponding to DC voltages of 225 VDC to 615 VDC). The B72210M* series is equivalent to the S14 lead type sheet varistor with A surge impulse current capability of 6000 A, while the B72214M* series is equivalent to the S20 lead type s ...
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[Feb 4 2024] PowerQorvo announces an automotive compliant Silicon Carbide (SiC) field-effect transistor (FET) product; Industry-leading 9mΩ on-resistance RDS(on) in the compact D2PAK-7L package. The 750V SiC FETs, the first product in Qorvo's new pin-compatible SiC FETs, offer a current resistance of up to 60mΩ and are ideal for electric vehicle (EV) applications such as on-board chargers, DC/DC converters and pos ...
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[Feb 3 2024] SensorsWurth Elektronik presents a very compact and cost-effective MEMS digital humidity sensor in the WSEN-HIDS series, available in a DFN package size of just 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.5mm for SMT assembly. The MEMS humidity sensor has a measurement accuracy of ±1.8% RH in the relative humidity range of 20% to 80%. With an operating current of just 0.4 µA and an operating power supply voltage of 1.08 to 3.6V, ...
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[Feb 3 2024] SensorsInfineon Technologies combines its proven expertise in magnetic position sensor technology with proven linear tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) technology to introduce the XENSIV TLI5590-A6W magnetic position sensor. The sensor is available in a wafer-scale package for linear and angular incremental position detection. This semiconductor device complies with the JEDEC JESD47K standard and is suitabl ...
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[Feb 2 2024] ConnectorsP-DUKE has developed the MCF series of MIL-COTS DC/DC pre-stage filters to meet MIL-STD 1275E (28V DC electrical systems for military vehicles) and MIL-STD 461 (Electromagnetic Interference Control for equipment and subsystems). These filters accept 9-36Vdc input voltages and are suitable for military vehicles, aircraft with 28V or 24V systems, as well as for heavy industry and rolling stock appl ...
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[Feb 2 2024] Passive ComponentsAOS, a leading supplier of power semiconductors and chips that integrates design, development, production and global sales, has launched two aMOS5™ 600V FRD overjunction MOSFETs. aMOS5™ is AOS's market and application proven high voltage MOSFET platform designed to meet the high efficiency and high density needs of servers, workstations, telecom rectiters, solar inverters, electric vehicle chargi ...

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Well packed in anti-static bags. Repaired my amp perfectly - thank you!

Julia*****ymondFeb 20, 2024

I have always get a fast response from OEMstron with my orders. As a small business owner I greatly appreciate that I can order as little as 1 item as opposed to other companies who require you place a larger minimum order.

Rivk*****hnstonFeb 14, 2024

Serves its purpose. All that's needed.

Frede*****HardingFeb 17, 2024

Everything is good. Well made terminal blocks. Good consistency and I found no bad ones in the bunch.

Angel*****tkinsFeb 13, 2024

Fast shipping, work as designed. Made some circuitry with these components and they work well.

Mada***** BediFeb 14, 2024

All of the components worked, and are still working. So even though the price is amazingly low, the diodes really do work!

Azal*****guyenFeb 17, 2024

All current moves in switching devices with the proper selection of amp rating capability. I chose these to do a job that had to handle only 1/3 of it's rated capacity. So they were the perfect choice. To date they work as expected; perfectly.

Sky*****ownFeb 16, 2024

Reasonable prices, fast shipping, and the best customer service I've ever experienced! Absolutely will share it to my friends.

Niko*****dmanFeb 19, 2024

Itams as described Fast and cheap shipping.

Kais*****hadaFeb 17, 2024