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[Sep 12 2023] Passive ComponentsVishay Intertechnology today announced the introduction of a new fourth-generation 650 V E-series power MOSFEt-SIHP054N65E to improve energy efficiency and power density for communications, industrial and computing applications. The Vishay Siliconix N-channel SiHP054N65E on-resistance is 48.2% lower than the previous device, while the on-resistance and gate charge product is 59% lower, which is a ...
Article Cover
[Sep 12 2023] SemiconductorsSamsung announced that it has developed its largest capacity 32Gb DDR5 DRAM (DDR5 DRAM: five generations of double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) using a 12-nanometer (nm) process technology. This is another achievement after Samsung began mass production of 12nm 16Gb DDR5 DRAM in May 2023, which solidifies Samsung's position in the field of developing next-generation DRAM me ...
Article Cover
[Sep 8 2023] SensorsVishay Intertechnology has announced the launch of three new series of miniature infrared (IR) sensor modules for remote control systems - the twin-lens TSMP95000 and the single-lens TSMP96000 and TSMP98000. The Vishay Semiconductors twin-lens TSMP95000 and single-lens TSMP96000 and TSMP98000 feature modulated carrier output for code learning applications, supply voltage ranges from 2.0V to 5.5V, ...
Article Cover
[Sep 8 2023] PowerSTMicroelectronics announces that the ST87M01 NB-IoT and GNSS modules have received Vodafone NB-IoT certification. The ST87M01 integrates mobile iot access and geolocation capabilities in a miniaturized, low-power, integrated module for a variety of iot and smart industrial uses. Domenico Arrigo, General Manager, Industrial and Power Products Conversion Products Division, STMicroelectronics, said ...
Article Cover
[Sep 6 2023] SemiconductorsSTMicroelectronics has partnered with Sanken Electric Co., LTD., a leader in semiconductor, power module and sensor technology innovation, to leverage the performance and practical benefits of intelligent power modules (IPM) in the design of high voltage and high power equipment. The two companies are developing 650V/50A and 1200V /10A industrial power modules and will jointly market these produc ...
Article Cover
[Sep 4 2023] PowerInfineon Technologies has announced a partnership with Edge Impulse to extend its micro machine learn-based AI development tools for PSoC 63 Bluetooth Low Energy microcontrollers (MCUS). Ai iot application developers can now use the Edge Impulse Studio environment to build edge machine learning (ML) applications on high-performance, low-power PSoC 63 Bluetooth Low-power microcontrollers. The coll ...

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